Banff to Jasper on the Icefields Parkway


It has to be one of the most beautiful drives in the world the Icefields Parkway, while the Icefields Parkway (Highway 93) is open year round, frequent road closures are common in the winter due to snow and Winter conditions. Stretching from Lake Louise to Jasper it is a 232 km or 144 mi drive through the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks.

This route is not just a journey it’s an experience as it winds its way through two national parks, boasting a unique and irreplaceable landscape rich in natural beauty second to none. It is dotted with glaciers, cascading waterfalls, dramatic rock spires, and emerald lakes set in sweeping valleys of thick pine and larch forests.

The abundance of wildlife in Jasper National Park and Banff National Park will have you peering around every turn.


Along the way there are several interesting stops like: the Crowfoot Glacier viewpoint, Bow lake, the Saskatchewan River crossing and several water falls. The journey can be done in one day I you do not stop at every point where the scenery is beautiful. Best is to look in advance to where you definitely want to stop and let the other views decided the rest, or take two days for the travel.

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