Helicopter low flying GLV-V

GLV V is just north of Eindhoven


GLV stands for Gebied Laag Vliegen (Area Low Flying). In The Netherlands there are eight low level flying areas for helicopters designated GLV I to VIII. All areas are used, but the GLV V is the most frequently used. On almost daily bases you can see here one or more helicopters on exercise.

The area is located next to the Royal Netherlands Army’s Steveninckkazerne barracks, between Eindhoven airbase and the town of Oirschot. It is just a 15-minute flight away from the RNLAF’s helicopter base of Gilze-Rijen. The fact that the area is accessible to the public between dusk and down makes it ideal for spotters and the pilots do know your there and sometime make the effort.

Patches of sand and forest make the training area ideal for training brownout landings, low level flying and other basic flying skills. All three helicopter types based at Gilze-Rijen, comprising the AH-64 Apache, AS532 Cougar and CH-47 Chinook, therefore frequently use the training area to maintain their currencies.

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