History of the Royal Netherlands Air Force


History of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF KLU).

On this page is a overview of some of the types flown by the the Koninklijke Luchtmacht (Royal Netherlands Air Force, or KLu) and types used by the Dutch Naval Aviation (MLD).

On July 1st 2013 the Royal Netherlands Air Force  celebrated its 100th anniversary. From one (borrowed) airplane in 1913, the Dutch air force has developed into a modern and versatile air arm, with the General Dynamics F-16 as its principal weapon system. It is not a complete overview of all the type but more a selection off types seen or types off interest.

F-84F RNLAF F-104G rnlaf NF-5
 F-84F Thunderstreak  F-104G Starfighter NF-5
DHC-2 beaver F27 Fokker 50
 DHC-2 Beaver  Fokker F 27  Fokker 50/60
All III Bo-105 ah-64 rnlaf
 Alouette III  Bölkow Bo 105  AH-64A Apache
ch-47 rnlaf
 CH-47 Chinook
 Dutch Naval Aviation
SP-2H Neptune BR1150 P-3C_MLD
 SP-2H Neptune  BR1150 SP-13A Atlantic  P-3C Orion
Wasp_AH-12_MLD AB-204B_MLD mldlynx
 Westland Wasp AH-12  Agusta Bell AB-204B UH-1  Westland Lynx