Taiwan’s night markets

Taiwan probably has the best night market scene in the world and some of the most exciting street food in Asia.

Taiwan’s night markets are legendary. With over a hundred in Taiwan, they sell a mixture of Xiao chi (substantial snacks), drinks, apparel and accessories. Every night around 4-5pm vendors start setting up their stalls that trade until midnight or later. With little space at home to cook, the Taiwanese prefer to head out almost every night to the heaving markets for the cheap snacks – or Xiao chi – that are found across the island on corners or at one of the hundred night markets.

Ordering for those who not speak the language is no problem, just stand in front of the stall, and point to what you want. After pointing out how many you want the stallholders then write the price down, with dishes generally costing a dollar.

At these markets the air is filled with the aromatic mix of soy, rice wine, spices, frying oil, grilling meat and the high-pitched shouts of hawkers. Clouds of smoke waft above the dozens of small stalls that make up the night market, all brightly lit, sitting under coloured signs.

At these markets they also sell products we are not costume to like roasted duck heads and necks, intestines and hearts.

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