Magical Lofoten Norway


The Lofoten are considered by many as one of the most beautiful places in the world. And after visited the archipelago, I can say there’s not a bit of exaggeration in that statement.

The Lofoten have everything from sandy beaches and towering mountains to dramatic fjords and lush green hillsides. Many visitors come for the wildlife and the incredible scenery, but there are also a number of small fishing villages that are just waiting to be explored.

Of these fishing villages Reine and Henningsvaer are two of the most popular places on the Lofoten Islands to enjoy in the impressive landscapes surrounding these working villages. A other popular designating is the village of Nusfjord which is an open air museum, we enjoyed the drive to the village more than the village it self.

Other than the villages and majestic landscape, being situated in the Arctic Circle makes the Lofoten also a great place to see the northern lights in winter and mid-night sun in mid-summer as we were lucky enough to see. A great place to see the mid-night sun is skagsanden beach.


There is some evidence to suggest that Lofoten has been inhabited for more than 11,000 years, but the Lofoten are best known for its Viking history as can be seen in the Viking museum with its replica longhouse.

Yes the Lofoten are a beautiful place to visit and probably best outside the main tourist season in July and august, to enjoy the peace and quiet you can still encounter there.

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