The Horticulture Centre of the Pacific.

The garden is just twelve kilometres north of Downtown Victoria, British Columbia, here will find a public garden lovingly cared for sins it start in 1979. The garden was formerly known as Glendale Gardens, and it is showing different types of gardens and demonstrating landscaping techniques suitable to the Pacific Northwest.

One of the gardens on show is the Takata Japanese Garden, named after  the Takata family who owned and operated a Japanese garden in Esquimalt from 1907-1942. When they were forced to leave Victoria they gave many plants to their Gorge neighbours including 2 Japanese maple now over 100 years old that were transplanted to the garden in 2008 as a gift from one of those neighbours on the Gorge.

The garden is designed to recreate the unique components of traditional Japanese “stroll gardens” with the focus on understatement and simplicity.


Next to Japanese garden is the Bonsai Garden, with a collection of bonsai trees on display. Bonsai is a Japanese phrase meaning “plant in a tray. It includes many styles of miniaturized tree arrangements and containers that work together as a unified whole to present an artistic representation of mature trees.

It is the only outdoor Bonsai garden in Western Canada and the second largest in all of Canada. A great display of the art of bonsai in a tranquil environment, a great place to relax and enjoy a sunny afternoon.


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