F-5 Tiger Swiss Air force



In addition to the F/A-18 Hornet the Swiss Air Force is still flying the F-5 Tiger .
Today, 26 F-5E Tiger II remain in Swiss Air Force service with a planed out of service date off 2025.
The end of 2017 will see the disbandment of all three remaining F-5 Tiger II units and probebly the cration off a new dedicated F-5E Tiger flight.

At present there are three operational squadrons:
Fliegerstaffel 6 based at Payerne
Fliegerstaffel 8 based at Meiringen
Fliegerstaffel 19 based at Sion


Spend a day at Sion during the last operational period for the F-5 at Sion
Main goal was the special tails commemorating the disbandment’s of 6 and 8 staffel
and the opertunity to take some shots at this scenic base for maby the last time as the base is listed fore closure at the end of this year.

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