The end of the film

After 64 years the 348 MTA suspended its operation, in a ceremony named ”The End Of The Film”.

The 348 MTA (Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron), one of the oldest and most historic Hellenic Air Force squadrons, was disbanded on May 5, after 64 years of operations, when the engines of the last RF-4E Phantom in Europe where silenced forever.

Greece received its first eight RF-4Es in 1978 with the Peace Icarus II contract. In 1993, 20 RF-4E ex-Luftwaffe reinforced this small reconnaissance force reduced to five by attrition, allowing the permanent removal of the RF-84F still in service.

During the spotters day and the ceremony on May 5, its last three active RF-4E’s participated in the event: the example serialled 7499, that sported a brand new special livery; the old special coloured 7450, and the 71765, an RF-4E  wearing the Southeast Asia camouflage colour scheme.

With the phase out of the last Greek RF-4E, Iran and Japan remain the last operators of the reconnaissance variant of the “Rhino” (how the Phantom is dubbed in the aviation community).


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