Spent some time at Helogland

rdr_7512Helgoland is a small island in the North Sea, about 2-3 hours from the German coast by boat.

It maby best known for its duty free shopping and sunny beaches.

Some years back there was almost no tourism in winter time but that changed with the Gray Seals (Kegelrobben) appearing on the shores to give birth to their pups and to breed. Other than the normal seals, Grey Seal pups can’t swim in the first two weeks and are covered with a well-known white fur.
This happens in wintertime from end of November till beginning of January and is a great experience to come and see the small pubs.

With the seals being used to people photo opportunities’ are great and it is sometimes hard to keep your distance from the seals as they are everywhere on the island, even on the runways.

During our visit in December there was a storm raging with made the circumstances challenging fore photographing, but also gave new opportunities.

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